Christian Ethics Course Popular Among OTCS Students

October 13, 2015

Christian Ethics has proven to be a popular course this quarter at Olivet Theological College & Seminary with high enrollment and lively class discussions.

Led by Dr. Mark Hanna, the course is aimed at helping students examine morality, particularly from a biblical perspective. Some of the questions being addressed in the class include: Are moral values objective or subjective? Are they absolute or relative? What determines what is morally right and what is morally wrong?

“I am glad to have this opportunity to learn from Dr. Hanna,” an OTCS student commented. “He has extensive knowledge of theology and abundant experience in his own ministry. I received lots of insights on the Scriptures and how to apply God’s words in my life.”

Though the course is focused on ethics and laws, Dr. Hanna encourages his students to also take time to meditate on the meaning of grace.

Dr. Hanna received his B.A. in Philosophy (Beirut), M.A. in Religious Studies (USC), M.A. in Philosophy (USC), and Ph.D. in Philosophy (USC). He has served as a professor at USC and Talbot Seminary of Biola University. Currently, Dr. Hanna is the president of International Services and Education.

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