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Olivet University provides a variety of online courses through the university’s online classroom. Nearly all degree programs offered by Olivet may be completed entirely through online courses. Residential students may also take online courses to fulfill their degree requirements.

Seven of Olivet University’s most popular online programs are offered from Olivet University International (OUI), a new independent unit within OU entirely focused on delivering higher education at a distance. Currently available are the Bachelor of Arts with the Theology, Business and Information Technology majors as well as The Master of Arts in Information Technology, the M.B.A. program and the Master of Divinity program. On the doctoral level, OUI offers the Doctor of Ministry degree program. Eventually all distance education degree programs will be offered in OUI.

The integration and coordination of the learning outcomes and course content with the onsite programs is being maintained. Online courses have the same course description and student learning outcome as residential courses. Therefore, students may use credits earned via online education to complete degree requirements.


The Internet is a dynamic force at Olivet University, and it serves to unite our diverse international community. Olivet University’s online platform is supported by a large farm of Web servers configured to assure uninterrupted, around-the-clock operation. This online platform supports Olivet’s degree programs, which are taught by qualified instructors and administered in the “MyOlivet” student information and learning management system. It runs on the commercial third party Populi College Management System.

MyOlivet is meant to encourage user involvement and interaction. Integrating the administrative with academic aspects of student life at a distance or on campus, its applications make for a high-quality course experience by combining fast access and browsing with an intuitive user interface, which allows the student to navigate registration, student finance, and online classrooms with a wide range of familiar instructional activities.

Our faculty and staff know about the importance of timely feedback in distance education and will respond within two days at the latest, but normally much faster. Faculty and course facilitator strives mold their classes into vivid learning communities, which establish a feeling of community and support each other’s common learning goals.


Even at a distance, Olivet seeks to deliver students the most valuable part of studying at a Christian university or Bible college: experiencing and participating in an active community of worship, discovering one’s gifts and areas of challenge and how to grow together in Christ. The chapel and Christian service courses, essential building blocks of every program, are administered in partnership with an extensive network of partner congregations and ministries, which provide Christian community and edification, opportunities to serve and witness as well as the chance to get to network in the body of Christ.

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