Letter from the Director

Welcome to the internet for the Olivet Institute for Global Strategic Studies. Before Jesus went to heaven to be with the Father, he gave his disciples the command to make disciples of all nations. True that for the next two thousand years the church has been working to carry out this challenge. Today the church is still active in making disciples with most of their successes being in the developing world, while many say the Western World is entering the post Christian era.

Unquestionably the world has become much more complicated. Modern means of communication have now ?afforded the church with new opportunities, however with these new methods, there comes new challenges.

The Olivet Institute has been called to life to help the church create new strategies for the new age. Some have called it a missionary think tank. In the beginning the institute will be presented in four languages, English, German, Korean and Chinese. Top scholars shall be enlisted to help us do the necessary work. In many cases post graduate students working on their dissertation will be asked to become “fellows.” This is especially true when the doctoral project or dissertation concentrates on strategic studies.

My prayer is that our work at the Olivet Institute of Global Strategic Studies will be used by our Lord in helping us to be more efficient in taking the Gospel to the World.


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Global Strategic Studies

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