IT Students Offer Launch Support for Christian Bookstore

March 25, 2016

Students from Olivet Institute of Technology participated in the launch of Stevensbooks, one of the world's largest online Christian bookstores last week in San Francisco.

Josh Yan, an OIT student, helped make the program and offered technical support through OIT's ministry internship project. "Data processing is a major problem including data mining, filtering, optimization and updating; there are around 4 million items in the current database system," said Yan.

"Huge data could slow down the website and diminish users’ experiences. I am glad I can help optimize the data as well as the online search function."

Stevens Books opened a retail store in San Francisco last week. It was founded in 1954 by Dick Stevens in North Carolina with books covering all available subjects and a specialization on Christianity.

"It is my pleasure to serve a faith-related ministry and I hope this bookstore can be used for spreading the Gospel and saving more souls," Yan commented.

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