Olivet University New York Gives Glory to God at 2021 Fall Convocation

Welcome back! The 2021 Convocation of Olivet University New York was held in Dover Extension Immanuel Chapel, September 24, 2021. Students, faculty and staff members greeted the start of the new academic year by giving thanks to God, and being reminded of their calling to Biblical and theological studies at Olivet. 

The 2 hour-long event commenced with a heartfelt welcome and opening address by Dr. Tracy Davis, Academic Dean of Olivet University and Dean of Olivet University Dover, followed by a sincere opening prayer delivered by Dr. Martin Zhao, Chief of Staff of the extension location. An inspirational choral selection from Jubilee Choir and prayer of intercession by Mr. Jacob Chatterjee, who serves on the faculty of the Olivet Business School and the MBA Program, also marked the program.

This year’s Convocation Address was delivered by Pastor Timothy Goropevsek, Chief Communication Officer of World Evangelical Alliance and student in Olivet University’s California-based Ph.D. program in Global Theological Studies. 

A series of presentations delivered afterward the close of the service was a meaningful time for getting to know the history of Olivet University New York better, and looking forward to the coming academic year with hope.

Acting Dean of the Olivet School of Business Dr. Diana Yoo introduced the purposes of business school, its faculty, and prayers and plans to expand and improve its current offerings in Manhattan.

A virtual greeting and presentation by campus development corporation Dover Greens presented the planned uses and construction plans for the coming months at Olivet University Dover.

This year’s Convocation closed with 31 new incoming students being welcome to the stage to be presented with beautifully wrapped gifts, introduce themselves, and receive prayer from faculty members blessing their new start.

A beautiful reception followed the day’s events.