Dover Students from Mission and Discipleship Course Puts Theory into Practice

Theology students from the Mission & Discipleship course organized evangelism outings this fall quarter. As they put into practice the spirit and skills of evangelization learned in the classroom, students gained first-hand experience of using vicarious ways to get attention and keep the conversation going. Some of the students shared their reflections on their evangelism experience:

“I was very happy to evangelize together. I felt that many people were thirsty and waiting for us. Now I’m looking forward to the next opportunity of evangelism. I had the feeling of urgency for evangelization, just as every missionary has to experience,” shared OTCS student Jabez Lee.

“Before starting, I was nervous for many reasons. I didn’t even know if I was able to open my mouth. But when we set out after praying, I got to have this heart that even if I would be rejected, the seed had been sown – maybe some time later, it would sprout and make the person want to seek God. To evangelize is not easy, but…We don’t preach about ourselves, but we preach the new things that ‘HE’ has done in me. Thank God!” said Master’s student Katherine Qu.

“This is the first evangelization activity I have had since I came to the United States,” shared student Sophia Quan.  

“This activity allowed me to see that young people need the Gospel, and churches need to do more evangelization. Although the United States is a country founded on Christianity, many young people are now resisting the Gospel. I really feel that it’s essential to evangelize, and (that) we need to evangelize more and faster,” Quan added.

Through the capstone course, students are provided opportunities to culminate experience of learning and practice that can be integrated into main topics throughout the Master of Divinity program. The Mission & Discipleship course will run until December 13.