Dean’s Message

Why New York? A Message from the Dean of Olivet University New York in Dover

Seven years ago, in 2013, I shared an announcement with the Olivet University community on behalf of the International President of Olivet University Dr. David Jang, that God had blessed us with an incredible 1,000-acre property with over 50 buildings in Dover (also known as Wingdale), New York, now in the process of being beautifully restored by our partner, Dover Greens. We also announced that we would be launching Olivet University New York, which started in Lower Manhattan, as a second location in Dover. 

Over the years, I’ve been asked to describe Olivet University’s purposes for coming to New York State, and to Dover specifically. I am grateful for this opportunity and website to share more about our purposes here, which are becoming clearer each day as we seek to fulfill our calling by God to this land of blessing and promise. 

While we consider the wonderful property where our main campus is located in Anza California to be an amazing blessing from God, we don’t quite have the opportunity there to do everything Olivet University is called and capable of doing to best fulfill our mission.

Since our earliest days in San Francisco, California, Olivet University had been searching across the United States for campus properties suitable for serving as a scalable site to complement our California operations. Thankfully, God’s provision of Olivet University New York in Dover met our needs. 

Our Dover location is envisioned as a hub for student and faculty engagement on the East Coast of the United States. Although Olivet University currently offers more than a dozen different degrees at our main campus, and many of those are available fully online, the University seeks to provide students with on-campus community in regions other than California.

Located a short distance from our denomination’s headquarters, as well as within what has come to be known as Evangelical Center, Olivet University’s Dover location allows us to do that in a natural environment of outstanding quality and beauty, with ample room to grow, in close proximity to a ministry-rich and increasingly diverse area.  

At Olivet University New York in Dover, we are currently offering classes onsite and online in Bible and theology. We plan to offer degrees onsite there in Bible and theology, information technology, business administration, engineering and teaching once expanded authorization from New York State Education Department is in place. 

In addition, as Olivet University New York in Dover serves as the backbone of Evangelical Center, it will be a center for Christian community engagement. The campus is blessed with athletic facilities including a celebrated 9-hole golf course, and planned athletic facilities including a football field and quarter-mile “Tartan” running track, complementing the baseball, soccer fields, and more.

These facilities will allow the Olivet University campus to be an even more welcoming home for the evangelical community-building and collaboration. We are actively seeking out and cultivating Christ-centered relationships with individuals and organizations called as partners to fulfill the vision of Evangelical Center and our mission to equip the global Church through education. 

Our facilities also include an increasing amount of student, faculty, staff and visitor housing in and around Olivet University Dover. Further, we are in the process of developing plenty of space to house ministries and businesses who want to locate their offices at dedicated entrepreneurship centers to advance our shared mission. This will provide great opportunities for students to connect, learn, and serve with a variety of leaders from the Christian community in numerous fields in and beyond Dover, New York. 

Finally, Olivet University New York in Dover is a well-positioned place of outreach: to an increasingly diverse local community with a growing economy; to New York City, just 70 miles away; and to the world. 

Complementing and enlarging our efforts in Anza, California; providing opportunities to launch entrepreneurial, mission-supporting programs in close proximity to opportunities for practical and global ministry; growing and enhance the quality of service we provide across our institution, especially to students — these are some of our many reasons for establishing Olivet University New York in Dover. 

As we look forward to our Dover location’s next 7 years and beyond, we sincerely hope you will continue to pray and strive together with us to be good and faithful stewards of the great blessing of God that is Olivet University New York in Dover. 

Tracy Davis

Dean, Olivet University New York in Dover