Future Campus

Our Proposal for a Degree-Granting
Campus in New York

Olivet University, presently a California-based institution, seeks to be chartered as a degree-granting institution by the New York State Board of Regents. The entire Olivet community has been engaged in planning for this endeavor for over a decade, including administrators, faculty, staff, students, and graduates.

An Exceptional Opportunity

New York State charters are recognized as upholding the highest education standards in the world

A Timeless Name

Etymology: Middle English seminary "seedbed, from Latin seminarium

The name of our proposed chartered institution in New York will be Olivet Theological College & Seminary. Olivet University began as Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS) 20 years ago, and remains its largest and flagship institution. No matter where we go, or how much we grow, we'll always be a "seedbed for mission" -- and that should never change.