Enduring Legacy

Olivet University was established in New York following the same spirit of faith that led the heroes of the Christian Reformation to the "New World."

400 years later, that spirit can still be seen alive and at work in faithful Christian institutions across New York State -- the spiritual birthplace of the Bible college movement of which Olivet University is a proud member.

We have embraced that enduring Christian spirit wholeheartedly in seeking to carry out Olivet University's mission in New York.

We do this through our commitment to the revolutionary power of a Biblical higher education, starting with courses in Bible and theology and business for both ministry and marketplace impact.

Dover, New York

Located in the mid-Hudson Valley just north of New York City, Olivet University spans 1,000 acres of land that features awe-inspiring forests, lakes and rivers. 

Its facilities include Immanuel Chapel, dozens of academic and administrative buildings, dormitories and residences, dining and recreational amenities including a 9-hole golf course, and an on-campus train station for quick connection to Manhattan’s Grand Central Station.

Distinctively Dover

Olivet University’s beautiful Dover location is situated in Dutchess County, New York in the Town of Dover (also known as Wingdale), just 70 miles North of New York City. A little off the beaten path, running along the railroad that traverses the towns of Pawling and Dover via the Swamp River, and then the Ten Mile River are the historic red brick buildings that make up the east site of Olivet University Dover.

On the opposite side lies Olivet Golf Club — a nine-hole golf course set on the west portion of Olivet University Dover. Crafted by the legendary Donald Ross in 1928, the course features a scenic layout with stately trees, beauty and charm.

Living History

Going back to the first Moravian missions and the first Native American Christian congregation, to what was once one of the most thriving Quaker community in the country, the neighborhoods surrounding the home of Olivet University’s iconic facility has been the site of transformative Christian history.

Contact Us

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Wingdale, NY 12594
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At the Dover Location we Offer Olivet’s Master of Divinity Program (partial). For course information, please visit:

The Knowledge Of
The Lord

for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord
as the waters cover the sea. Isaiah 11:9

Lower Manhattan

Through an immersive academic quarter of study, reflective application, and ministry experience-based learning in New York, Olivet University in Lower Manhattan offers students with unique opportunities for marketplace ministry engagement in the city with the world’s biggest economy.

At the Lower Manhattan Location we Offer Olivet’s M.B.A. program (partial) and Master of Divinity Program (partial). For course information, please visit: