Missionary Alumni Share the Importance of Theological Study

On February 1, 2021 Olivet University Dover invited two alumni engaged in active missionary work  in the U.S. to share their reflections with students enrolled in the Master of Divinity (M.Div.” Program on the beneficial application of theological study to ministry work. 

Nancy Zang, who graduated from Olivet University’s Master of Divinity program last year, and is now leading a chapter of an international Christian fellowship in San Francisco, was one of the speakers. She described how a deepened knowledge of Bible and theology provided a good foundation for her encounters with people from different religious backgrounds in the mission field. She encouraged students to dive deeper into their studies so they can be better equipped for effective evangelism in the future.

Thomas Wang graduated from Olivet University’s Master of Divinity program more than three years ago. Now he is an ordained pastor pioneering a church in Georgia. He shared that sound theology on the solid foundation of Biblical knowledge should be the basis of a life of discipleship following Jesus Christ, and ministry works by expansion.

The audience of M.Div. students at various stages in their program described the talk by the two missionaries as “graceful,” wholesome and stimulating. The event’s coordinators were similarly pleased with the outcome of the talk, and planning more motivational speakers engaged in vocational ministry to enhance the learning experience at the Dover location.