Systematic Theology II Course Begins at OTCS in Dover, Explores Christology and Soteriology

Students of systematic theology can look forward to gaining a more profound and well-organized theological understanding of the Bible.

To that end, some twenty Dover students have enrolled in Systematic Theology II, which explores the systematic theology topics of Christology and soteriology.

Christology, or the theory of Christ, will focus on the study of the two natures of Christ; the unity of the person of Christ; and His work and atonement. 

The larger theme of soteriology, or the theory of salvation, will cover a variety of areas, including justification, sanctification and glorification. 

The course includes video lectures based on books on Systematic Theology by theologians Millard J. Erickson, Wayne Grudem and Louis Berkhof.

These lectures are accompanied by online class meetings scheduled Monday afternoons, in which students discuss the week’s topic and the textbook readings, and reflect in writing on discussion questions in the context of real-world ministry applications.  

More information for students on Systematic Theology II can be found this term in Populi.