History & Mission

Zinzendorf Inspired

Nicolaus Zinzendorf was a distinguished German religious reformer. Born with privilege into an Austrian noble family, he is lauded for using his personal resources in the service of missions. Zinzendorf sought to bring a spiritual awakening to the church by funding and organizing communities of believers that are now known as the Moravian Church.

Having served as both a bishop and a missionary, Zinzendorf, lived a life of preaching and church-planting. Olivet University strives to honor that vision through the Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies.

Olivet University's Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Philosophy program

The Doctor of Philosophy program at Olivet University was established to help students be conversant with some of the major issues at the forefront of recent theological research and have a grasp of relevant research methodologies in their area of study.

Doctor of Ministry program

The Doctor of Ministry program at Olivet University was established to give students an opportunity to help research issues and topics related to church planting, mission strategies, parachurch and missionary work.