Doctoral Colloquium

The doctoral programs include as a major requirement participation at least once a year in a doctoral colloquium. These colloquia are a chance to meet face to face with the faculty and fellow students. Much of the time is taken with the classroom portion of required and elective seminars. Below are the seminars being offered this year. Each of them meets for four hours for four days. Students therefore take four seminars over the nine days. Work for the seminars is often started before coming to the colloquium and definitely continues after throughout the academic year.

2017 Zinzendorf Doctoral Colloquium
November 6-16: Riverside Campus, USA

  • - Global Theological Foundations, Donald Tinder, Ph.D.
  • - Global Missiology, Ray Tallman, D.Miss.
  • - Doctoral Research and Presentation, Creig Marlowe, Ph.D.
  • - Contemporary Trends & Issues in Discipleship, William Wagner, D.Miss. and Mark Wagner, Ph.D.
  • - Women in Christian History and Theology, Mimi Haddad, Ph.D.
  • - History of East Asian Christianity, Chuck Weber, Ph.D.
  • - Advanced Biblical Hermeneutics, Susan Bubbers, Ph.D.