Areas of Study

Doctoral projects will emerge from student activities. At Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies, projects in the Doctor of Ministry program are broadly grouped under four headings:

  1. 1. General Pastoral Ministry
  2. 2. Intercultural Ministries
  3. 3. Campus Ministry
  4. 4. Integrated Ministry Programs for the Marketplace

The list below is a sampling of potential projects to start a candidate thinking of their respective interests and gifts. It is not an exhaustive list, but is designed to initiate creative thinking and reflection.

Examples of projects considered in General Pastoral Ministry are;

  • Leadership for the Church, Development of Ministries
  • Strategies for Evangelism and Church Growth
  • Worship and music, Effective communication, proclamation, preaching.

Examples of Intercultural Ministry projects are;

  • Intercultural communication, Intentional Multi-cultural ministry
  • Leadership and Development in an intercultural context
  • Contextualization for Meaningful ministry
  • Improvement in the practice of worldwide Missionary activities

Examples of Campus Ministry projects are:

  • New ideas to bring Christ to students around the world
  • Projects that reach post-modern issues among students

Examples of Ministry Programs:

  • Advances in learning regarding internships, and Christian service
  • Advances in knowledge regarding accreditation, student spiritual growth
  • New ideas concerning distance learning, student chat rooms, e-library
  • Innovative internet programs that may help other ABHE members