Program Overview

Seminars Phase

The Seminars Phase requires 45 credits, each of which requires at least 30 clock hours of work, ten hours of which must be some kind of involvement with the faculty. Required and elective seminars, which usually include a component conducted at a Doctoral Colloquium as well as online, and approved independent studies supervised by a professor, are the ways these credits are earned.

The Doctoral Oral Examination

The Doctoral Oral Examination marks the culmination of the Seminars Phase and, if successfully passed, marks the transition to the Dissertation Phase. It demonstrates that the candidate has shown sufficient breadth of understanding the approach to Global Theological Studies to be ready to make a distinctive contribution to the field with an original dissertation.

Dissertation Phase

Upon completion of the Seminars Phase with the successful passing of the Doctoral Examination, the student submits a suggested title and thesis statement to register for the Dissertation Phase. Upon its acceptance the Doctoral Committee assigns the student to an Advisor from the faculty, usually one with whom he or she has taken seminars.. The Advisor supervises the student’s research and writing. The dissertation must demonstrate the student’s ability to do independent and original research that makes a valid and original contribution to the scholarly literature.