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Our Objectives:

  1. To use the new developments in technology to create a forum for communications to a broad section of Christian leaders. Olivet University is a leader in the use of this technology.
  2. To help Christian leaders understand the need to think outside the box and begin to create new and innovative methods of reaching our society for Christ. This can be done by concentrating on the Micro, Metta, Macro concept of strategy development.
  3. To seek to promote the understanding of the ten mountains of culture influence that any valid Christian mega strategy must be aware of.
  4. To make Olivet University a leader in the area of strategic development and research.

Micro, Metta and Macro Strategies:

Many Muslim strategists have developed this form of strategy to win the world to Islam. They define the three levels as:

  • *Micro Level – The level of the individual person and small organization.
  • *Metta Level – The level of very large groups, institutions, and structures.
  • *Macro Level – The level of overall ummah and Muslim societies and states.

We shall be using this form as a basis for our work. We should concentrate on the Macro level of Theology Planning.

Ten Mountains of Cultural Influence:

In the developing of a macro strategy one must take into consideration the mountains of culture. A complete strategy needs to find ways to influence most if not all of the ten areas that make up cultures. The Olivet Institute of Global Strategic Studies will research intensively to identify which areas are the most important for various countries and contexts. Then, in-depth plans will be made to influence the ten mountains. The ten mountains are:

  1. Art and Entertainment
  2. Business
  3. Education
  4. Family
  5. Sports
  6. Government
  7. Media
  8. Religion
  9. Military
  10. Family

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