The Research Fellow Program

A limited number of outstanding young christian researchers who are now working on post graduate Doctors degrees will be named to held in doing research for the Institute.  Generally they will be writing their dissertation or project n subjects dealing with Strategic Studies. At the present time we have four research fellows. They are:

  1. Timo Plutschinski  Germany
  2. Willie Daikert - Germany
  3. Cris Chou -U.S.A.
  4. Ndaba Mazabane South Africa

Book Store

The Institute will have a number of books specializing on Strategic studies available for purchase. At this time the first three books are all from our Director. They can be ordered by email. The available books by William Wagner are:

  1. How Islam Plans to Change the World
  2. New Move forward in Europe – A Study of the Growth and Decline of the German Baptists
  3. The American Protestant Missionary in Western Europe

Olivet Speakers Bureau

This bureau will help many of our outstanding co workers to be used as speakers not only in church settings but also for secular audiences. Our scholars will be recommended as speakers and presentators in various settings. For information concerning the availability of speakers contact the Institute.

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