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OSAD to Strengthen Design Program in San Francisco

Olivet University's new Mill Valley campus in the San Francisco Bay area is opening more opportunities for the Olivet School of Art and Design (OSAD) students.

Students Praise MBA Summer Courses with Positive Feedback

Though it is summer vacation, many Olivet University students are choosing to take this time as an opportunity to further equip ...

OSMC Student Matures in Ministry Calling Through Summer Internship

Graduate students from Olivet School of Media and Communication (OSMC) at the Riverside main campus reported significant self-growth with journalism skills ...

Annual Doctoral Colloquium to be Held at OU San Francisco Campus

Olivet's Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies has typically hosted its annual colloquium ...

OIT Adds SNS Management into Research Focus

Settling in OU San Francisco's new campus has opened a new area of research study for the Olivet Institute of Technology (OIT).

Music Students Participate in Jubilee Summer Internship

Students from Jubilee College of Music (JCM) are participating in a summer internship program sponsored by The Jubilee World ministry in St. Louis, MO. Programs offered to intern students are aimed to help improve their music skills and basic foundations by participating in worship music performances.

OSMC Hosts Professional Development Session on Communications

The workshop invited staff representatives from Olivet Schools and administrative departments. The purposes of the workshop

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