Distance Education

Assessment Guidelines

Distance Learning Key Evaluation Criteria

The following is a list of key quality indicators Olivet uses in the assessment process to ensure standards for quality of instruction and academic rigor are appropriate.

  • Consistent achievement of on-campus and distance learning educational outcomes
  • Fostering interaction between faculty and distance learners, and among distance learners
  • Procedures to ensure student identification and the integrity of student work

Recommended Elements for Review of Online Instruction

The Recommended Elements document provides a set of guidelines to consider when reviewing online course instruction and can be viewed here: [Recommended Elements for Review of Online Instruction]

The concept of this tool is that it would provide useful feedback to the faculty member delivering the course. It is not designed to be rigid or prescriptive, but rather to be informative, helpful, and constructive.

A corollary experience would be that of having a manuscript peer-reviewed prior to publication in a professional journal. The procedure followed may vary by academic discipline, but the intention is to provide constructive review for the overall benefit of the profession. These suggested elements for review might be used for self-review of a course, peer review, or formal review.

These "Recommended Elements for Review of Online Instruction" are compiled from literature, research, and published best practices from professional organizations, especially the WCET (Western Cooperative in Educational Technology.

These elements for review of online instruction are divided into seven sections with suggested review standards in each section. We encourage revision and adaptation of these elements to fit the needs of the situation and the academic division. Although these elements have a solid basis, please do not view these as "set in stone," and do feel free to adapt them to increase their usefulness to you.

Olivet University welcomes your suggestions for improving this evaluation tool. We are also interested in knowing how this process has worked for you and if it has proven to be helpful.