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Topic Resources
Action Research: The Informal Education Homepage
Active Learning: University of Michigan
Advising: Miami University Academic Support and Study Skills Links
Affirmative Action: University of Michigan
Assessment: Area Education Agency 7
Bloom's Taxonomy: Donald Clark
Classroom Assessment Techniques (Angelo and Cross): University of Iowa / University of Michigan
Classroom Climate: University of Delaware
Cognitive Apprenticeship: Cognitive Apprenticeship - Collins, Brown, and Newman (1989)
Collaborative Learning: Wisconsin Center for Educational Research
Computer Assisted Learning: Journal of Computer-Assisted Learning
Cooperative Learning: California State University
Core Abilities: Teaching Tips from Honolulu Community College
Creativity: Leslie Owen Wilson
Critical Thinking: University of Melbourne
Curriculum Design: University of Michigan
Distance Learning (Electronic): American Distance Education Consortium / Colorado Department of Education
First Day: Honolulu Community College
Games (Instructional): Workshops by Thiagi, Inc. #1 / Workshops by Thiagi, Inc. #2
Learning (How People Learn): The National Academies Press (in CELT Library)
Learning Styles: Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire / Richard Felder The Vancouver Island Invisible Disability Association Website / VARK: a guide to learning styles
Motivating Students: Honolulu Community College
Multiple Intelligences: New Dimensions of Learning / The Vancouver Island Invisible Disability Association Website
Myers-Briggs: The Keirsey Temperament Web Site / TypeLogic
Note Taking: Virginia Tech #1 / Virginia Tech #2
Poster Sessions: Colorado State University
Reading: Virginia Tech
Rubrics: Area Education Agency 7
Service Learning: Miami University / National Service Learning Clearinghouse
Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID): Miami University
Strategies (Teaching): Area Education Agency 7
Stress: Coping: Honolulu Community College
Student-Centered Teaching: North Carolina State University
Study Skills: University of Michigan
Syllabus: Honolulu Community College
Teaching Tips Index: Honolulu Community College
Test Construction: Indiana University
Thinking Skills: Area Education Agency 7
Travel (Student): Cortland State University
VARK Inventory: VARK - A Guide to Learning Styles
Web Based Instruction: Association of College and Research Libraries #1 / Association of College and Research Libraries #2
Workplace Skills: Honolulu Community College

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