OIT and OCB Collaborate on E-Commerce

January 10, 2011

Olivet Institute of Technology (OIT) is collaborating with Olivet College of Business (OCB) to explore features in E-Commerce websites that can lead to online business developments.  With an expanding field in online sales, Olivet business students are seeking assistance from IT students to work together in building online stores.  The co-work enables them to put into practice the skills learned in both college classrooms. 

Working in the University’s Research and Development department, the dynamic teams build, test, and tweak their online creations.  The websites explore all areas from the shopper’s experience, money transactions, traffic monitoring, sales and visitor’s statistics, and online marketing.  Faculty, consultants, and student mentors provided much guidance in each student’s development.

Advanced students have already launched prototype businesses online as well as assisting affiliated ministries with their own online stores.  The project has been a dynamic experience giving students from both colleges a new learning experience that can be quickly adapted into the marketplace. 

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