Students Explore Social Media Business Models through Participating in R&D Projects

February 15, 2013

Ministry Practicum students from Olivet University's College of Business (OCB), are merging ideas and practice with the University's R&D department.  The collaboration will be to explore new trends in social media business models.  OCB and Olivet's IT students are taking part in various news platform projects that allow users to share articles, vote, and submit content.  Other projects involve social platforms to share photos, videos, location based on city-related information and topics. 

With the websites in development, the business students conjure ideas on how to effectively improve customer user experience while monetizing on their participation.  Working alongside industry professionals and mentors, the students craft their business plans to ensure marketing, finance, and strategic approaches are in place before implementing the project. 

The goal is to line up several prospective startups that may potentially become business ventures after the students' graduation.  Through the experience, OCB grads gain the opportunity to take their idea from concept to reality.

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