Exploring Photography In-Depth for News Production

February 24, 2013

Visual media is gaining more and more importance in the journalism field. Students at the Olivet University College of Journalism have been putting classroom knowledge into practice. Every week, students participate in various projects ranging from ministry collaborated work or the schools school paper department.  In connection with their advanced photography class assignments, they were asked to produce three pieces of photographic work.

Besides learning about the techniques of using professional grade cameras and other photographic equipment, the advanced course aims to nurture Olivet University students' artistic sense in terms of visual presentation. During the class, students have learned about common photographic styles such as diagonal or curving leading lines, shapes & form, patterns & texture, repetition or rhyme, etc.
Furthermore, by examining the current news photographs from leading newspapers and magazines, photographic works of award-winning photojournalists and artists, students have gained useful insights of how to produce excellent photographs. An excellent photograph does not only efficiently communicate with the reader a specific and powerful message, but it should also include strong artistic elements.
Looking forward, Olivet University's College of Journalism will be launching more courses that focus on news production on visual media platforms, which can equip them with the tools necessary for performing effectively in the field.

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