Olivet 's Institute Directors Speak at Mission Leadership Forums

July 17, 2015

Representatives from Olivet Institute for Global Strategic Studies and Olivet Institute for Islamic Understanding presented essential topics regarding leadership development at this year’s ASM, Asian Society of Missiology, Mission Leadership Forum held in Bangkok, Thailand on July 7-9, 2015.

Olivet Institute for Global Strategic Studies Director, Dr. William Wagner, and the Director of Olivet Institute for Islamic Understanding, Dr. J. Ray Tallman, were both invited to speak to professors, national church leaders, missionaries and missiologists from 19 countries in attendance.

Dr. Wagner addressed "Leadership Development through Universities" and discussed issues related to Global Strategies for religious expansion. Dr. Tallman delivered a speech on "Leadership Development in Muslim Context" and expressed concerns related to Islamic expansion with efforts to establish an Islamic State.

"It is my great privilege to join this International Leadership Forum and my heart is blessed with enthusiasms for Christ and his Kingdom," expressed Dr. Tallman.

"In this Buddhist context, how different that is when the Gospel of Jesus is proclaimed in such a merit system that entraps people providing little hope for redemption and transformation," he added.

ASM President, Dr. Chansamone Saiyasak, led the international conference. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Olivet University’s Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies and will present a doctoral elective on Buddhism during the next Colloquium.

After this event, Dr. Wagner and Dr. Tallman attended another Thailand Pastors Conference held by Mekong Evangelical Society. The congregation of church leaders stretched from Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. Each of them delivered 3 hours of biblical instruction and encouragement for ministry in the midst of suffering and persecution.

"I am greatly impressed by the significant growth of the church in this area and therefore the need for leadership development is great,” expressed Dr. Wagner. “I am grateful to serve this community with sources from Olivet's Institutes."

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