OSMC Student Interns Gain Video Production Experience

August 02, 2015

Students from Olivet School of Media and Communication, OSMC, are starting to produce video content for their ministries through their summer internship program. After taking video editing courses last quarter, students have the opportunity to put those skills to work and learn alongside industry professionals.

As media industry evolves from offline to online, the general audience can easily gain access to visual and audio news. It is essential for OSMC students to be prepared with video editing skills and present information through this medium.

Currently OSMC provides TV and Radio production courses for undergraduate students. Audio and video production courses are available for graduate students. Through these courses, students obtained broad knowledge on how to produce video contents for online newspapers and websites.

“The video editing courses really provided me with some practical skills that I can't learn on my own. I’m so excited to have a chance to work this summer on video editing at my internship," shared one OSMC student.

OSMC has been focusing on preparing students with journalistic skills such as reporting, writing and editing. It has also provided extensive courses on History of Journalism, Law & Ethics, Mass Media and Cultures, Media Management.

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