OTCS Student Joins in Evangelization with Local Churches

August 07, 2015

Students from Olivet Theological College & Seminary, OTCS, participated in different Summer programs by engaging themselves in evangelizing sessions with local churches across the United States.

Caroline Liu, a Master student of OTCS, majors in Divinity and used her summer to serve the Pilgrim Church in Los Angeles, CA as a volunteer. She was invited to co-lead church cell groups after Sunday service and bible studies with other participating students.

"I am so happy to be here and I've received abundant grace and experience while enjoying the fellowships with local pastors," said Liu.

"It 's been three weeks, but It seems like just a few days. I am so glad to have had this opportunity to be involved in serving the body of Christ," she added. "I realized evangelization is not a one-time job, it needs step by step efforts with love and sacrifice."

OTCS provided diverse Summer programs such as short-term missions, reading club, and sport activities. The various programs were created to not only enrich students life, but offer opportunities through hands on experience.

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