OSMC Provides Variety of Media Fields

September 08, 2015

With the Fall 2015 quarter just weeks away, students are excited to begin their new classes at Olivet School of Media and Communication, OSMC.

“There’s so much to learn in this constantly changing landscape of media. I want to make sure I’m prepared when entering the workforce. OSMC has already given me a lot of the skills and tools I need so I’m anticipating the new quarter to add to my toolbox,” said a student enrolled in OSMC’s graduate program.

This Fall, OSMC is offering Research Project and Methodology which is designed to help students plan their research project that is to be submitted for graduation. Each OSMC student is expected to receive some experience in working at a media company.

OSMC also provides students internship training through different partnership programs with certain media companies. The research project enables students to sort out what they’ve practically learned from their internship and what they have studied so far about journalism. Students will integrate their academic achievements into their own interested fields of media ministries and complete their research papers after taking this course.

Students will also have the chance to learn more about TV and radio production this new quarter. With the increase in visual media consumption around the world, creating and editing videos has become a necessary skill in the media industry. OSMC students are continually taking practical video editing courses and applying those skills as interns in various media ministries.

OSMC hopes to teach and shape their students into professional journalists who are well versed in a wide variety of media fields.

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