OSMC Features Course on Television & Broadcasting

September 29, 2015

Olivet School of Media and Communication, OSMC, added a new course on broadcast journalism for Fall Quarter.

Graduate students now have the opportunity to learn about the history of television news in America. Television and Broadcasting is designed to help students develop an understanding of and an appreciation for the role that broadcast journalism has played since it became popularized in the 1940s and how it has evolved over the decades.

Some of the early news programs include “Meet The Press,” which debuted in 1947, and “See It Now,” which was created and hosted by American journalist Edward Murrow in 1951.

Students taking the Television and Broadcasting course will not only gain insight on how broadcast journalism has affected the lives of Americans but they will also learn practical skills such as video editing.

Television remains a popular form of news consumption today but most Americans are now getting their news digitally, via computer or mobile phone. Video journalism is a big part of that digital platform.

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