OTCS Students Form Theological Fellowship

October 15, 2015

A group of students at Olivet Theological College & Seminary recently formed a theological fellowship in order to stay on top of their studies and succeed in their classes.

The group meets twice a week to review what they learned in class and to better understand course materials.

“It is worthwhile to do group discussion,” said Yun Lai, who joined the group. “Everyone in the group improves in their understanding of what the professors taught in class and what we read after class. And through discussions, we come to a more precise understanding of what we learned. Our group members cherish each other very much.”

The study group was started by four students who have several years of experience in mission and ministry works. They stated that they wanted to make the most of their seminary experience at OTCS so that by the time they graduate, they can be more effective in serving the church. Knowing that there were other students who had the same aspirations, they decided to open the group up to others.

The group is keeping growing as other students are taking interest in their work. Along with academic discussions, the students also spend time in prayer together.

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