Seminary Students Launch Olivet Dancing Club

October 26, 2015

Students from Olivet Theological College & Seminary recently formed a dancing club that would help them discover their inner beauty and express their love for God.

The Olivet Dancing Club was launched last week with over a dozen students eager to join.

“After some practices, I feel both my body and spirit are refreshed,” said one participating student. “I feel close to God when I dance. I’m joyful when my body movements can reflect the lyrics in a song.”

Students are meeting three times a week and learning classic and hip hop dance moves from Michelle Lai and Casey Lai. The club is also offering instruction on other dance styles such as jazz.

Along with learning practical dance moves, students say the other added benefits of joining the club include physical training, higher self-esteem and greater joy in being able to express their love toward God.

The Olivet Dancing Club plans to put on a performance on campus during Thanksgiving.

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