Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies

Academics Overview

Doctor of Ministry

Why This Program?

“Thank you for considering our program. We have ten tracks in the Doctor of Ministry Program. Whatever track you choose, we have track leaders and mentors to help and guide you through the program, which is a three-year program. We look forward to seeing you.”

Dr. Tom Cowley, Director of the D.Min. program

Program Overview

Established in 2004, the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program at Olivet University, accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), is a prestigious education program, designed to advance the candidates engaged in Christian ministries to the highest level in his or her field.

The Doctor of Ministry degree is considered the terminal degree in the area of ministry, thus the graduates of the Doctor of Ministry program must demonstrate competent knowledge and insights that meet the high expectation. While maintaining its academic expectations, the emphasis of the Doctor of Ministry is the “practice of ministry.”

Upon admission to the Doctor of Ministry Program, a candidate’s final goal for degree award will be to design, implement, evaluate, and record an original ministry-related project at the highest doctoral standards.

The Doctor of Ministry is a degree program culminating in the recognition of advanced professional studies pursued by practicing ministers and Christian professionals. The program sharpens the skills of those actively engaged in ministry.

This doctorate provides an opportunity for high academic achievement and develops the intellectual and practical capability of practicing ministers and Christian professionals.

Ministry Tracks

Church Planting & Evangelism


Gospel & IT

Church Music & Worship

Business as Mission

Media & Design

Children & Youth Ministry

Spiritual Formation

Along with nine (9) specialized ministry tracks, there is an area of study matching students’ ministry needs within ZSDS’ Doctor of Ministry Program. The respective track supplies a tailored learning path for D.Min. Students in the context of diversified ministry settings.

  1. Education
  2. Cross-Cultural Communication
  3. Church Planting and Evangelism
  4. Gospel and IT
  5. Church Music and Worship
  6. Business as Mission
  7. Spiritual Formation
  8. Children and Youth Ministry
  9. Media and Design