Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies

First Year D.Min. Students Concludes Theological Foundations and Research

March 14, 2023

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) students have just concluded the coursework on Global Theological Foundations for ministry taught by Dr. Donald Tinder, Dean of Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies, as well as Doctoral Research and Presentation by Dr. Creighton Marlowe.

The course guides the students to revisit the general concept of theology and doctrines through the overview study of the history of Christianity. After completing the course, D.Min. students are able to develop deep insights based on historical development and reflect on the challenges it poses on churches and the world today.

Through the course, Dr. Tinder believes students will be equipped as biblical scholars and leaders who know how to relate with or approach people from different backgrounds, religions, and denominations with the gospel.

Besides this course, D.Min. students also completed a study on doctoral research which provides students with the methods and materials necessary for adequate and appropriate research for producing a doctor of ministry thesis or project (biblical, theological, historical, missiological, or pastoral/practical).

By finishing assignments such as producing a good thesis statement, webliography, and editing a paper in conformity with the Turabian format, students gained practical experience with writing an academic paper capable of being published.

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