Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies

News ZSDS Annual Doctoral Colloquium 2022 Successfully Concluded

November 19, 2022

The Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies’ 2022 Doctoral Colloquium, hosted by Olivet University San Francisco Campus, was concluded on October 21. The colloquium was held on the San Francisco Campus from October 10 to October 21 with doctoral students from all over the globe.

In the welcoming session on the first day, ZSDS Dean Dr. Donald Tinder welcomed doctoral students: “I believe your successful completion of this doctoral journey has critical significance for God’s kingdom expansion as well as your ministry development.”

Over 50 doctoral students attended the colloquium in person. They had an opportunity to gain academic knowledge and ministerial expertise from the outstanding faculty of ZSDS and other fellow students. During the colloquium, the Doctor of Ministry Program offered a series of core courses as well as track-based lectures.

The Doctor of Philosophy program began with Dr. Craig Marlow’s interactive session with the doctoral students focusing on specific tasks and challenges on the way toward accomplishing successful research work and the dissertation. Furthermore, other sessions, including the presentations of student’s research work, were offered by ZSDS faculty.

Many colloquium attendees enjoyed the colloquium, calling it a time of self-enhancement, restoration, and healing.

“The feedback that I got encouraged me a lot and challenged me to modify the academic works and hence support the mission field better. I can testify to the love and care of our professors toward each student,” a PhD student said.

“It’s really exciting to attend this year’s colloquium; most of my classmates shared that these two weeks are an invaluable opportunity for their professional development. I was challenged by fellow DMin students, who exhibited their passion for the Gospel and God’s kingdom during the colloquium,” a DMin student said.


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