Olivet Receives Visit from Education Tech Expert

February 01, 2012

Last week, Olivet University received a visit from Allan Carrington, an expert in education technology from the University of Adelaide in Australia.
Carrington specializes in eLearning design and research with extensive experience in online collaboration and facilitation.
Upon arriving on campus, Carrington gave a presentation to the Olivet administration, covering a number of broad areas including presenting the latest developments in education technology.
Carrington also spent some time consulting with Olivet’s faculty and staff asking and answering questions in order to find ways to improve Olivet’s student experience with the use of technology.
“We brainstormed the entire day starting with the students, defining how they would ‘look’ or be and the need to define their graduate attributes. Then how they were working on the program learning outcomes and mapping courses and learning to these outcomes,” recalled Carrington in his blog shortly after the visit.
Through the visit, Olivet was also able to learn about Carrington’s vision of helping the Church and Christ-centered institutions use technology to empower Christian learning. This spoke into Olivet’s mission to train Christian leaders in the “network generation.”

After the visit, Carrington spoke highly of the university’s sense of priorities, noting that Olivet “had it the right way around.”
“It was a great experience to see that the higher education DNA of Christians is alive and well,” he concluded.
Besides serving on the faculty of the University of Adelaide, Carrington is an Apple Distinguished Educator, was a school leader at the University of the Nations (part of Youth With A Mission), and has won the University of Adelaide Award for Excellence in Support of the Student Experience.

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