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In response to recent issues with our accreditor in New York and subsequent media coverage, Olivet University’s leadership team has prepared this page to provide our community with relevant information to help answer your questions – with the facts.

We are aware that some advocacy media outlets are conflating the issue, and drawing non-existent ties to past issues. Particularly in regard to coverage by Newsweek, please note the media outlet’s CEO Dev Pragad has conflicting interests with Olivet University and its administration, as well as business and religious connections with Olivet University. Mr. Pragad is facing legal issues related to his ownership of Newsweek by individuals with ties to Olivet University. 

Newsweek readers must presume that any information included in its ongoing advocacy coverage of Olivet University is misleading and/or false. We stand by our reputation and have been forced to issue a legal warning to Newsweek’s CEO, editors and reporters of pending defamation litigation. 

We will continue to defend our reputation with the facts, work with mainstream and Christian media and our accreditors to provide full transparency, and share the truth about Olivet University. 

We stand by our earned reputation built on the hard work of our faculty and staff, and more importantly the dedicated work and success of our students and alumni. 

As we address this challenging issue, Olivet University continues to hold onto our mission to train ministry-bound men and women as biblical scholars and leaders, equipping them to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. 

Our door is always open for discussion, and we hope that you can give us the opportunity to address your concerns. Please email us your questions or concerns at media@olivetuniversity.edu.


Questions and Answers

Q: How do you respond to the statements by the New York State Department of Education in their denial?

A:   We are disappointed by the decision of the New York State Department of Education to deny the renewal of Olivet University’s authority to operate our campus in New York, and the University disagrees with the rationale supposedly supporting the decision. Given the expense and distraction involved in challenging this decision, the University has started the process of teaching out its for credit programs offered in New York locations and will ensure that all students have the opportunity to continue and complete their education.

Q:  Will OU uphold its commitment to its current students?

A:   Yes. The success of our students is our highest priority, and we are committed to ensuring that the New York State Department of Education’s recent decision impacts them as little as possible.

Q:   What about the other states in which Olivet University operates?

A:   The University is actively engaged with its accrediting body and the regulators in other states and maintains all required authority to operate its campuses and programs outside of New York.