Admissions & Aid

All applicants to Olivet University should evidence strong a Christian character, potential for effectiveness in Christian ministry, and the scholastic ability and emotional maturity to handle a higher education experience.

Continuing Education

Olivet YOU Featured Classes

Olivet YOU is a program designed to make the University’s rich theological and leadership resources in a variety of disciplines more widely available. Featured classes are designed to meet the needs of people engaged in a ministry by providing a variety of low cost classes and experiences that might not otherwise be available to them. For more information, visit:


Olivet YOU featured classes target individuals who wish to benefit from further education without committing time to an entire program of study. Most classes take the form of 1-unit seminars consisting of 15 hours of study. This option is designed so that career ministers can listen to new ideas and learn specific skills that benefit their professional ministry.

Auditing Classes

Several featured classes are 3-unit Olivet University courses open for auditing. The level of an auditor’s participation is at the discretion of the professor, so the auditor should be sure to discuss expectations with the professor at the beginning of the course. Generally, auditors are expected to attend all class sessions and keep up with reading assignments, though faculty are not required to read or grade their assignments.

lease note that only Olivet YOU 3-unit featured classes are available for audit; other Olivet University courses may be audited with the permission of the School program director and course instructor. Spaces for class auditing are limited and priority is given to our matriculated students who are taking courses for credit to earn degrees that help them prepare for ministry.


Enrolling in a seminar or auditing classes allows career ministers to participate in a particular course at a fraction of standard tuition charges.


  • $100 for one-credit courses (seminars)
  • $260 for three-credit undergraduate courses
  • $300 for three-credit graduate courses

These fees represent a 75% discount off regular tuition.
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