Olivet University professors understand their academic work to be in the service of the church.

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Olivet University is home to the Center for Information Technology. Founded in 2005, this institution works to achieve excellence in Christian higher education and evangelical organizations through research and development projects and programs that reflect the University' s commitment to service. In collaboration with key partners Geoff Tunnicliffe, head of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Ralph Winter, founder of the United States Center for World Mission (USCWM), and David J. Jang, Olivet University International President and founder of Olivet Center for World Mission (OCWM), the Center of Information Technology works with Christian institutions of every caliber to enhance leadership, administration and support of mission outreach programs and services. Today, its work support mutually beneficial networks and linkages among Bible-based institutions on six continents, especially the countries of Asia. With generous help from donors the Center for Information Technology at Olivet University is helping prepare future generations to meet the challenges of fulfilling the Great Commission in an increasingly complex, technology-driven world.

About the Center for Information Technology

The Center for Information Technology emphasizes two strategic initiatives in its program, which complement and often overlap one another: support for training and leadership development and support for linkages and networks among Christian organizations and Biblical higher education institutions.

The Center for Information Technology accomplishes these objectives in three ways:

  • 1. by Administering programs that are primarily planned and implemented by the Center for Information Technology: these require significant staff and financial support
  • 2. by Partnering with Christian institutions: the Center for Information Technology provides high technology instruments, as well as vision, planning, and assessment for information technology programs for international collaboration and exchange
  • 3. by Supporting research and development projects: these are conceived and implemented primarily by partnering institutions.

What We Support

The Center for Information Technology supports the efforts of Christian institutions with technologies and research that:

  • 1. Strengthen information literacy and information technology
  • 2. Enhance leadership
  • 3. Encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas
  • 4. Provide opportunities for applied learning

Our projects support the training and development of individuals - professionals, administrators, and faculty - as well as programs, in order to further strengthen our colleague institutions.


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