Two D. Min Candidates Successfully Passed Oral Defenses

January 28, 2020

D. Min candidates at the Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies (ZSDS) Jeremiah Zeng and Hyejin Jun successfully passed the oral defenses of their D. Min final papers. The first two candidates of this hopeful new year's defense presented the papers in the presence of their mentors. The candidates' oral defenses were reviewed by the Doctoral Committee who asked questions and offered suggestions for the completion of the candidates' dissertations.

Jun created music scores in order to help mission ministry during the advent season. Based on the ecclesiastical calendar, she covered the biblical and theological backdrop of her project. In addition, she presented her music scores as to piano trio using classical music style. In response to her presentation, Dr. Merill Smoak from the Doctoral Committee gave favorable comments.

"Jun's paper can meaningfully contribute to the service of Christian communities," Dr. Smoak said.

Zeng's project takes a deep look into the false guilt issues within Christians. In the presentation, he explicated that it aimed to help Chinese Christians who particularly suffered from their self-judgment and self-torturing. Doctoral committee members complimented the selection of his theme which is appropriately associated with the specific cultural traits.

Overall, the ZSDS Doctoral Committee gave positive feedback to both thesis projects. ZSDS holds oral defenses each month, offering D. Min candidates an opportunity to present and review their thesis projects. Candidates who pass the oral defense and graduation requirements will be able to join the commencement in June later this year.

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