Admissions & Aid

Equipping Students for Christian Mission in and beyond the Pulpit.

God’s calling for you to serve may go beyond the pulpit.

Olivet University not only offers theology but also a wide variety of academic degree programs. Each one is strategically integrated with practical hands-on real world training which allows students to learn and collaborate with experts in the ministry field.

The bonds that students make with faculty, students, alumni, and ministers will serve them for a lifetime. Upon graduation, you will find that those networks will open a global window for opportunities to serve in ministries locally or Internationally.

Whether it be onsite or online, your educational experience goes far beyond the classroom. As students understand God’s Word, they mature academically, spiritually, and professionally to bring peace and knowledge of the Lord to the world as the waters cover the sea.

Applying to Olivet University

Prospective students interested in applying to Olivet University should complete an application, available upon request from Olivet University's Office of Admissions or on the Internet at

All applicants to Olivet University should evince strong Christian character, potential for effectiveness in Christian ministry, and the scholastic ability and emotional maturity to handle a higher education experience.

Olivet admissions personnel will review applicants' information and inform them whether or not they have been accepted for admission. Prospective students are encouraged to discuss plans, goals, and questions with Olivet Office of Admissions staff during this application process.

To request application forms and instructions, please visit

  • Undergraduate

    Olivet University offers bachelor degree programs and certificates in nine colleges for freshmen and transfer students. Students may choose from majors in theology, art, music, journalism, IT, language, business, agriculture or engineering.

  • Graduate

    Olivet University offers graduate degree programs that provide students with the opportunity to continue their education beyond the undergraduate level in order to understand and expand their qualifications for many related vocations.

  • Financial Information

    Find more information about Olivet University's financial pricing guide, policies, and fees for current and prospective students. Olivet University awards Financial Aid to students with demonstrated financial need and to those with outstanding academic performance.

    Financial Information
  • Continuing Education

    Olivet You featured Classes are designed to make the University’s rich theological and leadership resources in a variety of disciplines widely available to OU Alumni. Interested in registering for Olivet YOU featured courses? Click Here

    Continuing Education