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Development Programs for Olivet's Leaders

Olivet University is committed to continuous learning and excellence by providing and promoting access to a wide range of professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. Faculty and staff members are encouraged to participate in training programs, conferences, short courses, and workshops held on or off campus that relate to the service rendered to the University by the participant.

Olivet Staff Development Team

A professional development team will assist in carrying out multilayered program.

President & Vice President:

  • - Provide research, vision and strategic direction for professional development needs
  • - Act as liaison with Academic Committee and other departments
  • - Oversee continuous improvement/accreditation 

Information Systems Director:

  • - Coordinates media Development and technology training employees

Academic Dean & School Program Directors:

  • - Assist with day-to-day professional development operations of workshop
  • - Coordinate the spring and fall faculty workshops day, scheduling, registration, 


  • - Provide instructional and curriculum development contents to foster excellence in teaching
  • - Facilitate innovative research development


Long term professional development plans include continuing the University’s tuition assistance program toward academic advancement among staff. Click here to see the full policy for Tuition Discount Program.


Experienced staff and faculty are assigned to develop training sessions where they’ll share knowledge and experience to new or aspiring employees.

Olivet’s Internal Workshops also looks into major developmental areas focusing on the staff, faculty, and employees’ needs for professional growth. Activities and focuses within the workshop series may include:

  • Presenting or leading professional seminars and workshops
  • Completing approved higher education courses

  • Obtaining advanced degrees
  • Publishing papers and articles
Participating in research studies or projects
  • Learning teaching styles and students learning behaviors
  • Classroom management, teaching methods, or learning styles
  • Instructions on developing curriculums
  • Coaching peers or mentoring sessions
  • Professional networking activities
  • Instruction in Information Technology support
  • Instruction on online teaching trends and effective online discussions
  • Instruction on research and finding data effectively
  • Student Spiritual Health and Behavior Management
  • Copyright essentials for Academia
  • Public Speaking and presentation skills
  • Communication habits and skills
  • Collaborative Team building
  • Excellence in customer and student service
  • Resolving conflict and stress in the office
  • Managing time at work
  • Financial education
  • Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio, Word)
  • Adobe software, image and graphics
  • Supervisory skills
  • Ethics in the workplace

Nearby Training Providers

Other educational institutions offer professional and workforce development opportunities that may be useful.

OU Professional Development Resources

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Professional Development Assessment

Evaluation surveys will be conducted annually to receive feedback and ideas for future training. Departments will also be surveyed annually on their needs and priorities for development. After seeing analyzed results, the Olivet Staff Development Team will seek consultation from other university leadership to plan activities for the next academic year.


Olivet University staff has the opportunity to participate in conferences, short courses, or workshops. Participation in these events are governed by the following guidelines:

  • A. Training programs may be offered on or off campus, and the University may contract with outside agencies to provide additional training as needed. Any participation fees, to participants or their departments, will be indicated when the programs are announced.
  • B. Staff who participate in work-related programs are considered to be in a work status state and are not required to make up time.
  • C. It is strongly recommended that individual schools, departments, and/or units develop educational plans for the benefit of their employees' continuous learning, and to meet the needs of a changing work environment. These plans may include outcome measures that are tied to the performance of the individual as well as the strategic initiatives of the department or unit.

University staff may participate in conferences, short courses, or workshops, which are not work related if such participation will contribute to their overall educational and professional development. Such programs may be offered on or off campus. The following participation conditions apply:

  • A. Participation in the program should not interfere with the performance of regular duties.
  • B. If programs occur during regular work hours, a supervisor's approval may be needed.


All University employees who have been employed in that position for a minimum of 6 months, are eligible to participate in the professional development program.

1. Applications for Participation

Eligible employees may apply for participation in the Staff Development Program by contacting the Olivet Staff Development Center.

2. Evaluation and Selection of Participants

Applications for participation in the program will be reviewed and evaluated by the Selection Committee. Applications will be rated based upon the established criteria, ranked in order of qualification, and submitted President for approval. Approved applicants will be notified of their selection by the committee.

3. Criteria

The following criteria will be used in the evaluation of applications:
Impact of proposed education or training to employee's job
Cost of proposed education or training
Ability of employing department to fund proposed education or training
Impact of absence from work on Administration of University
Prior participation in the program

4. Funding

Funding of the program will be determined annually by the President contingent upon the availability of funds.

5. Documentation

A copy of the approved development plan is placed in the employee's personnel file.

Professional Licensing

A staff or faculty member who holds a professional license and must participate in training and/or educational programs to maintain such license may participate in accordance with the requirements of local, state, and/or federal law. A licensee may participate during regular working hours without using paid leave when the employing department requests the employee to participate in the educational or training program for University employment related purposes.

Faculty or staff must use paid leave to attend educational programs for professional licensing requirements when the above conditions are not met. Participation in any educational or training program for licensing purposes must be in accordance with the general requirements of this section.


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