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Welcome to Olivet University, where future leaders and scholars are equipped to change the world for Jesus Christ.


Olivet University

  • Q : Who is the president of Olivet University?

    A : The president of Olivet is Dr. Matthias Gebhardt. He is the University's fifth president.

  • Q :What is Olivet's central telephone number and mailing address?

    A : The central telephone number for Olivet information is 951.763.0500. The mail address of Olivet University is 36401 Tripp Flats Rd, Anza, CA 92539.

  • Q : What are some of the programs Olivet offers for the community? How can I tell what is going on at Olivet on a particular day?

    A : The University's web page offers information on campus events, art exhibits, plays, film showings, and concerts. Olivet students may also refer to their ARP account for announcements and calendar.

  • Q :What does Olivet do to promote diversity?

    A : A number of offices on campus serve to promote diversity and inform students about other cultures, such as the International Students Office. In addition, significant efforts University-wide are taking place.

  • Q :When is graduation?

    A : It is normally scheduled for early June.

Admissions & Academics

  • Q :When can I apply to Olivet?

    A : Olivet welcomes applications from first-year candidates, as well as from applicants seeking to transfer from other accredited universities or colleges. Priority will be given to applications submitted for fall semester by the second Monday of January, and for the spring semester by the second Monday of May.

  • Q : Does Olivet. have a major in ...?

    A : For a list of majors, please see our website’s Academics page. You may also want to view our list of Colleges and academic programs from the university’s academic catalogs.

  • Q : How do I transfer to Olivet from another university or college?

    A : Olivet University welcomes applications from students seeking to transfer from other accredited colleges and universities. Applicants should have an official transcript from each transfer institution mailed directly to the Office of the University Registrar by the transfer institution and fill in Transfer Credit Request Form and attach a course description or syllabus for every transfer course.

  • Q : Does Olivet offer campus tours and prospective student interviews?

    A : The Office of Admissions welcomes visitors to the University and is especially delighted to host prospective students and their families. The Dean of Students offers information sessions throughout the year; these sessions are followed by guided tours of the campus. While the Office of Admissions neither requires interviews nor uses them in the evaluation process, the Dean of Students does meet with students on an individual basis to answer questions and to provide counseling. Such appointments do not affect the admission decision. Visitors are also welcome to view the virtual campus tour located in the About Us section on the website.

Visiting/Finding People

  • Q :How do I contact a staff or faculty member who is at Olivet?

    A : You can mail the staff/faculty member whom you want to contact at the mailing address provided at the bottom of the University's main page, or you can call us at 951.763.0500.

  • Q : Where is Olivet located, and where do I park when I get there?

    A : The University is located in Anza, California. The University offers parking spaces on campus.


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