ZSDS Holds European Consultation, Seeking to Expand D. Min. Enrollment

May 31, 2016

Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies held a consultation in Teisendorf near Salzburg, Germany earlier in May to discuss the possibilities and initial steps to expand its programs in Europe.

Drs. William Wagner, Mark Wagner, Ray Tallman and Donald Tinder as well as adjunct faculty from Europe attended the consultation. According to Dr. Wagner, amidst the need for advanced theological training especially among young ministers in Europe, it presents a great opportunity for ZSDS’s Doctor of Ministry program to exist there. Attendees supported the idea and discussed ways of expansion.

Presentations during the consultation included Dr. Creighton Marlowe speaking on "The Meaning and Missional Significance of ‘Call on the Name Yahweh’ in the Old Testament" and Dr. Karl Heinz Kuhlmann on "Luther and the Islam".

Given the location of the consultation, refugee issue in Germany was also among the topics of discussion. Many refugees are ethnic or religious minorities. Questions were raised on how to reach out to them in the area of education.

The conference was concluded with great expectation for what God may have in store for ZSDS in Europe, and hopefully that could bring great impact on the rest of the world.

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