Olivet University Commencement 2017 Concluded with Great Hope and Blessings

June 26, 2017

Olivet University’s Class of 2017 has received well-earned congratulations from faculty, staff and friends at this year’s commencement ceremony, which was held at the school’s Riverside campus on Friday June 23rd.

Distinguished guests attending the gathering included honorary speaker Commissioner Christine MacMillan, who currently holds the position of Associate Secretary General for Public Engagement of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA).

During her speech, MacMillan pointed out that there is an unprecedented persecution directed against Christians today. She continued by saying that all the hours students spent in the classroom would not necessarily be sufficient to prepare them for the realities of this world. However, students must always look at Apostle Paul as an example - to boast about one’s weakness, rely on the “Christ-sourced” wisdom more than “human-sourced” wisdom, and hold onto the hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Student reflection was delivered by Masters of Divinity graduate Alma Osorio, who is currently serving at Apostolos Missions International.

“A life that's devoted to God is truly meaningful,” Osorio stated. “We are graciously interrupted by God in our life. The end of this story is bright and beautiful.”

“My prayer for the class of 2017 is that in whatever we do, we will do it for the glory of God,” she said. “And may the Kingdom of God come one day sooner. Amen.”

On this momentous day, the Olivet University community extends its prayers and blessings onto the next generation of God’s servants in hopes that they will win the nations for His Kingdom.

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