Olivet University MDiv Students Witness Faith on Christian TV

July 27, 2017

Following the publication and distribution of the first devotional book co-authored by a group of Master of Divinity students at Olivet Theological College & Seminary, they were invited to witness their faith on a local Christian TV channel KTLN.

MDiv students Isaac Wang and Olivia Lin were with their mentors OTCS faculty Dr. Nga Wai Cheung and Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies senior faculty Dr. Tom Cowley at the KTLN’s broadcasting studio in San Rafael on Tuesday July 25 for the recording of an episode in the Emmy Award winning show "People Like You". Host of the show Debra Fraser, also the president and CEO of KTLN, warmly welcomed them.

Isaac Wang and Olivia Lin, international students from Mainland China, were interviewed by Fraser about their Christian faith.

I come into faith when I was 18 years old in Mainland China. I realized Christian faith can change one’s value and the world upside down," said Wang from Olivet University’s San Francisco extension campus.

Lin said the reason for coming to study at Olivet University is to learn deeper about the salvation of Jesus Christ, and the grace she received is way beyond what she has asked and expected.

The two professors then briefly introduced the production of the devotional book "A Study of 32 Bible Topics with Real Stories for Young People”. Dr. Nga Wai Cheung wrote one of the topics “Suffer”. In that chapter, she reflected how the Holy Spirit revealed to her the depth and intensity of God’s suffering in the human history as she battled against the feeling of disappointment during her 10-year mission experience.

Dr. Cowley, who initiated and sponsored the book project, told KTLN "teaching the young people in the Olivet University is my greatest joy." Fraser appreciates Dr. Cowley for his dedication in training the next generation of leaders to impact the world for Jesus Christ since he himself is a successful man.

The Olivet team felt strong presence of the Holy Spirit during the interview. The recording for the TV episode was completed smoothly. It is scheduled to be aired in Fall this year.

KTLN is part of the larger Chicago-based Christian media Total Living Network. Through broadcast, cable, satellite and broadband, KTLN reaches more than 2.6 million households within the San Francisco market, where Olivet University has an extension campus. KTLN also connects with countless households through online streaming at

A Study of 32 Bible Topics with Real Stories for Young People” consists of 32 chapters written by 15 MDiv students, Dr. Cowley and Dr. Cheung. Each chapter addresses a selected topic such as “Love”, “Faith”, “Glory”, “Courage”, “Joy”, “Suffer” and others that directly relate to the struggles every Christian may face in daily lives. Key Bible verses, synopsis, real-life examples, discussion questions and a short prayer are included in each chapter. The book was published earlier this year in February.

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