OTCS Dover Opens First Class of Winter 2018

January 08, 2018

Dover, NY Winter quarter kicked off on January 5 in Fide Hall with a class on Systematic Theology.

The course, Systematic Theology 2, continues the series which began with Theological Prolegomena and Systematic Theology 1 in previous quarters.

The class was the first one under the new structure of the Master of Divinity program in Dover, applied from this quarter, which heavily combines Ministry Practice into its curriculum. It also took place in a newly arranged class room which provides sufficient space for the 36 participants of the course.

The Dover location allows students and faculty to study and teach much more conveniently and effectively, and it signifies a great progress in the development of Dover Campus.

"We are very thankful for the recent developments of our Dover Campus - students and staff of OU can combine their ministry and study activities effectively, and we come to see and appreciate more the great opportunities that God provides for us with this precious campus" shared instructor Paul Forster.

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