Exhibitions by OU Schools and Colleges on Display

July 09, 2018

Exhibitions were held for potential new students, visiting parents and guests at the Olivet University Riverside main campus. There were inspiring exhibitions from different schools and colleges including Olivet Theological College and Seminary, Jubilee College of Music, Olivet University International, Olivet Institute of Technology, and Olivet School of Engineering and Architecture.

The Olivet Theological College and Seminary,(OTCS) exhibit explained about theological studies and the new seminary concept which are the seedbed for entrepreneurship learning in the seminary, recruitment effort, theological educational features, spiritual formation, and introduction to its curriculum.

Presentations were given on OTCS faculty in Riverside, faculty in San Francisco, faculty in New York, and online programs.  OTCS also showcased  it's new theology magazine front cover and handed out free copies of bible study books.  

Other exhibitions included music performances from Jubilee College of Music, artificial intelligence demos from Olivet Institute of Technology, an 3D rendering demonstrations from the Olivet School of Engineering and Architecture.

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