OIT Demos Artificial Intelligence

July 09, 2018

The Olivet Institute of Technology (OIT) featured a demo on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the college exhibition held on the Riverside main campus.

In today’s technology-driven world, AI is changing the way users relate to technology. OIT continues to explore ways for technology students to stay up to date with this advancing technology. 

OIT designed and trained an AI that was capable of saying, welcoming guests, and introducing itself. It was proficient in speaking 7 different languages including English, Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese, Spanish, and French. The seven case studies of AI in the demo included:

 • AI for drawing and design

 • Smart assistant for education and business

 • Natural language understanding for education and travel

 • Text summary, text style transfer for news industry and online marketing

 • Machine music generation for music composer

 • Machine auto-coding

 • Face detection, liveness detection for identity verification and payment verification

Faculties and students were amazed when they witnessed the capabilities of AI.  OIT aims to research deeper and further develop cutting-edge AI that can improve its performance on a variety of activities.

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