Music Students Participate in Jubilee General Assembly

July 21, 2018

The Jubilee College of Music (JCM) students attended the Jubilee World 16th General Assembly (GA) that was held in St. Louis, MO.  Jubilee is the year of new beginning and has praise songs that are traditionally abundant with the word of God. With the most noble of poems, Jubilee offered praise and glory with musical performances.

The praise featured a new Jubilee original song "Look at Us," declaring the healing grace of Jesus' name and His power to raise us up. Twenty choir members proclaimed the works of God in the song, "For All He's Done."

“As we gather and praise the Lord, there are great blessings pouring down, and we can feel healing happening. Jubilee needs to taste the true meaning of praise,” said Chairwoman Miriam Chou.

“When Moses and Miriam sang songs of praise, all Israelites came and sang together. It's the song inspired by the grace of salvation,” added Chou.

Students and praise leaders opened their hearts as Jubilee’s performance energized the whole sanctuary. Olivet University Students who attended the General Assembly received a broader prospective of the Jubilee music ministry from various lectures and sermons. They expressed gratitude to learn more about the role of music in praising and serving the kingdom of God.

After the 3-day event, Jubilee students toured the beautiful Jubilee Orpheum Theater in downtown St. Louis.

“It is like a shining beacon of God's grace in Jubilee World, said a Jubilee student.  “His grace and mercy brought tremendous joy and hope to Jubilee participants.”

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