OSEA Offers Summer Course in Construction

July 27, 2018

Olivet University students interested in construction had an opportunity to sign up for one of Olivet School of Engineering and Architecture's elective courses this summer. The course covers basic knowledge on house building and allows students to co-work on building a Tiny Home project. The project allows students to learn about design, planning, basic electrical and plumbing.

During its first weeks, the class learnt about safety and basic uses of tools that will be used in the construction. After lecture sessions, students had an opportunity for hands-on-learning by planning out the design layout of the house and compositing a model of the framing. Using it as a guide, lumber was then cut and nailed together to form the floor and initial walls for the house.

Students learnt what materials and tools were involved in the process as well as working within a planned construction workflow for maximum efficiency. When the exterior is complete, students will then move onto interior work, flooring, connecting power and water to appliances and lights. The course provides an introductory framework to learning about the field of construction with plenty of hands-on-work in the process.

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