OTCS Partners with Mission Organizations, Offer Hands-on Training to Future Ministers

August 23, 2018

Olivet Theological College and Seminary, OTCS, is partnering with local mission organizations to provide more hands-on training opportunities to seminary students enrolled in the M.Div. program.

The local organizations range from teen mission groups, to University fellowships, and local churches. OTCS students may apply for summer internships through the partnered organizations who will provide exposure to team-work activities, tent-making events, social media evangelism, and campus mission.

"Traditional program emphasize on lecturing in the classroom with in-depth explanation on the mission concept, history and trend," said OTCS Assistant Professor Dr. Nga Wai Cheung.

"Partnering with different organizations can complement traditional classroom settings by providing students with on-the-ground experience in the mission field. For seminary students who spend a majority of their time on campus can use this chance to gain experience with frontline mission," added Cheung.

The partnership between the seminary and its local mission groups, support courses like Intercultural Studies, Social Media in Mission, Homiletics Workshop, and Church Planting and Growth.

An M.Div. student, Annie Jiang, participated in this summer’s internship program. She reflected that the experience expanded her thinking about the evangelism system as a whole.

Faculty mentors from the seminary offer support by keeping in close contact with their student. They would often times participate while offering mentorship in the student's respective ministry. OTCS continues to expand its partnership networks in order to offer a larger variety of internship options to students in this academic year.

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